Crystyal Throne

Quartz symbolises the source of creation crystal with an internal fracture that causes a rainbow spectrum to appear within it. This sort of quartz was referred to as the Crystal throne of the sky. The clear stone itself was called the All-Father, the internal rainbow the All-Mother. However, all the other ancestral spirits emerge from the belly of the Rainbow Serpent as Dreaming powers, responsible for the entire creation.

These numerous ancestral beings were disembodied psychic and physical qualities that together express the entire nature of the omnipotent All-Father and All-Mother. During the Dreamtime, their interactions formed the earth, and as it ended, their characteristics were embodied in both animals and humans.

These ancestral characteristics are reflected in the animals’ external bodily forms and behaviour and the psychology and emotions of human beings. The internal life of the animals reflects the Universal spirit or consciousness of the All-Father and AL-Mother. The external human body, with its upright bilateral symmetry, express the same Universal spirit or consciousness.

Therefore animals and humanity are an inverse representation of the metaphysical order that preceded the appearance of the physical world. This implies that humanities internal psychological state and emotions are externally symbolised in the behaviours and bodily forms of the animals.

The foundation of creation, the absolute universal symmetry referred to as the All-Mother and All-Father, are reflected in the uniform enduring nature of the inner life of animals. The same Universality is projected in the external human form through the laws that govern the shape and arrangement of our bodies. These universal geometric proportions form a human canon that most Ancient cultures used as the ground plan for sacred temples dedicated to the source of creation.

– Source of Creation –

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