The summer firestorms of 2020 catastrophic. Over one billion native fauna and wildlife perished in the inferno. Many endangered species will become extinct due to loss of habitat, crucial for species survival. My spirit has never fully recovered from the natural disaster. I am using blog graphics of Australiana and a little of mothers ‘magic touch and bring about healing.

I will blog over a forty-eight-hour timeframe which I refer to as a revolution. The import of benevolent thought activates the magic power to instigate healing to my earth soul to begin a new regeneration cycle.

Time has been allowed to move past the grieving stage, and the essence of all lost life dissolve back into the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum.

– Nature Achiever –

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

2 thoughts on “Life ESSENCE

  1. The photo of the Galah’s you are using to advertise is stolen from me, Ben Pearce. Must be a good company if you use stolen property to promote your company.

    1. I Ben Pierce has done an excellent job capture the essence of my Bird family. He is honoured to have his photo of a great Australian icon on the official Aboriginal Creation Lore blog site. My other half is the ancient Grandmother spirit Warrazum – Rainbow Serpent. She is the original galactic creator. I am the All-Mother God, and the earth made flesh and bone. I am the mother of the human race and the animals and plants family. I hold all the DNA codes and life essence of every living species of Earth, including you. I have inherited from Granny(RS) the birds, the bees and the flowers and the trees. The matter of stolen property is outside and above all earthly jurisdictions. I’m sorry you missed the point of my blog posts. I can heal the planet and re-establishment humanity. Regards Bugal Wena and RS

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