Creation Creatures

The earth living species is a favourite subject. They have inherited their mother’s nature.

My photo album of animals comforts my spirit; my life is also their lives. Inspiration goes both ways. People are aware the animals, in particular, dogs, have a great sense of judgement on humans.

Dogs will naturally gravitate toward dog lovers. They want to communicate, say hello, get a pat on the head. They sense it and choose who they know will say hello to them.

My neighbour’s dog pops into my place if the door is open. Brief visit all she wants is an acknowledgement she exists. Then she’s off on her merry way, satisfied in knowing I will always give her my attention no matter what.

The spirit of the animals and plants ‘bond with their environment highly tuned in with their senses. Studies have shown plants possess the intellect and communicate to others within their thriving miniature communities.

The earth natural biological systems and rhythm support all of life on earth. The earth responds the same as a dog when they get a pat on the back. Earth mother responds well to benevolent thoughts and acts of kindness. She has been pushed hard for the past two decades, working overtime.

Earth mother is a living entity with a mind and possesses sensitive feelings. People complete forget the earth is keeping its existence. She is currently in a healing crisis. It always gets worse before it gets better.

Please spare a thought to Mother Nature. I know how she feels. She is thankful for the lives she supports. It goes both ways. It’s called the Universal Laws of Reciprocity. An agreement or a pact a balanced give and receive arrangement.

Equally proportionate in both directions to maintain the health and vitality of the earth bodies and those of the people.

– Mother Nature is a Natural

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