Spiral Of Life

I contemplate my smallness in the Universe as a tiny ‘sugarbag’ bee. This stingless native honey bee is one of my totems. They create spiral hives that go clockwise. Scientists don’t understand why. They grow from the centre outward, modelled after the Milky Way Galaxy. The ‘sugarbag’ bee spiral-shaped hive architecture design moves as it expands outward in a clockwise direction in sync with the Galaxy model. Insects habits and habitat are mini-models of the greater Universe. The spirits of the dark underworld in the high and low places employ predator tactics of the insect world to ‘catch’ unsuspecting prey. The methods are shown to me by Granny (RS) with insects are consistent with vibrations and frequencies and sense danger with.’ feelers’ attached to the head the operation centres in the universal rhythms of life and my strongest.’ metaphysical.’ attribute of my nine totemic species. My ‘kin’ live in the neighbourhood. Late at night while working, I sense ‘something’ the next minute; cousin bird next door will confirm it. Birds are not usually active at night. The birds in the realms of spirits or undercover.’ police.’ I cant all my secrets away. Back to the tiny black.’sugarbag’ bee and its complex hierarchy that is no different from all living species in the natural world. Only humans defy gravity working anti- clockwise. This life is a BIG lesson and definite never to repeat itself—the Plan B.

– Insect World Cover –

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