Blood & Spirit in Heredity

Aborigines believe that an individuals strength and perfection are sustained by the energies of the spirit of species that make up the totem identity. The heart is related to blood for the Aborigines, so a magnetic field is related to lodestone. Blood carries magnet-like resonance that makes people the spiritual kin of the various animals of their totem identities. This resonance connects an individual to the energy flow from the spirit-field of totem species. It is taboo to eat or drink that (animal) species’ blood, therefore akin to cannibalism; it interferes with the spiritual connection with that animal.

Dietary and marital totem taboo restrictions have both beneficial environmental and social effects. These external benefits concur with the underlying metaphysical vision of integrating man and nature. All Shamanistic and indigenous cultures and many mystical traditions acknowledge that blood has a psychic or spiritual or vibration capable of transferring potencies or characteristics from one being to another from one generation to another. The idea of transmission of spiritual energy through ages also exists in modern religion, which has altered the more ancient concept of spiritual heredity into an abstraction such as karma or soul. The Aboriginal worldview differs from these worldviews because every spiritual quality, no matter how subtle, has an objective form – in this case, blood. The Aborigines believed that blood carries a magnetic spiritual essence through the generations and forms spiritual connections between humans and earthly locations, species and metaphysical sources.

This belief does not necessarily conflict with the idea that genetic material transmits information that dictates physical characteristics. Spiritual transmission through blood may parallel genetic heredity. There may be more than one mode of heredity transference. Modern Biology is developing a field theory to explain the morphic characteristics. This new theory suggests that the origin of features lies in a higher energetic or spiritual source that imprints its image on the physical world through resonance. I create a board of my nine totemic spirits of species who reside as enduring essence within my physical/spiritual body.

– Kinship Through Spirit –

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