Good Times

The world needs hope for the future. The current global crisis is not final. I believe, and my peers also agree, the new dimension (new Dreaming) is around the corner. I have been privileged to have a foretaste of the supernal. One legend my grandfather told me as a child of my mother’s people they used to fly. I pondered on this thought for many years. When I first learn this, I visualise flying at great heights. But it’s not like that at all. I was not too fond of the idea of being so far off the ground like a bird I would rather perch myself on the branch of a tree. I am scared of heights. I find for this is.’supernatant which means – floating above or off the ground. It has taken some time to become accustomed to this phenomenon which will be part of the new existence. One night I was lying down on my bed in deep thought about ‘what is to come for the next life. I was in a semi euphoric state from meditation. They say the ultimate pose in yoga is laying on your back, meditating. I started to feel the sensation of my body weight become lighter. I could not physically feel the weight of my body lying down on the bed; it was a floating sensation. I felt so relaxed and still. This occurs over a period of time. I begin to discover what ‘flying’ be like for humans. For a start, it is floating, not flying and not at heights above the tree line. The stillness of floating struck me, and it became apparent that the human body will be in an upright position, not flying like superman or the flying nun. The human body will glide effortlessly above the ground, Mabey six to eight feet above terra firma. The body will have the amazing capacity for self-control over body movement. My experimental ‘floating.’ I noticed this immediately, which won me over to the idea of ‘floating.’ There are more wonders I will put the story in the next blog post.

– Flying High –

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