Little People

I want to share with the world the Tookinni [TOOK-Hini-ee] people. They are tiny humans—nature spirits. I have seen these little creatures on the night I saw the bird creatures in that dark foggy dimension I mention in a previous blog post. I am not a graphic design wizard but have access to the tools to create graphics close to the memory I remember of these dimensions and their creatures. They stand over just one foot and living entirely in another dimension like our world. I had made it out of the ‘dark.’ place; it was now early morning. I was standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus. I was looking at the site across the road where the bird creatures were ‘locked.’ in. The location is significant. I was led to this area by the ‘old people.’ It was another time-place in the time-space continuum. In amongst the tall grass, I spotted the little people. Two men were standing with tiny spears, and some women stooped as though to gathering bush foods. I soon realised these creatures had also become trapped inside another dimension taken from their original location. The Tookinni people sighting confirmed years later from a friend living in the bush. He saw them too. I have also read Dreamtime stories of these creatures, so their existence was already on record. Many such creatures around the world remain hidden. The Tookinni people were slightly hidden from view by tall grass, and I did not want to alarm them with my presence. I realised after five minutes they could not see me. I don’t remember how long I was looking at the Tookinni people; eventually, I had to leave them. I know the spirit creatures are all safe now. The mystery is why! These are harmless spirits and did no wrong not deserving of such actions against them. The truth cannot hide. Eventually, at the right time, it will come out into the light.

– Nature Spirits Of The Dreamtime –

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