Star Time

Celestial jewels suspend in balance the universal lore of reciprocity. The annual star arrangements forecast times and days for harvest, ritual, and marriage. There is a time to be born, and daily life activities respond to the Galactic calendar. In our time, the pendulum swings 2008 marking the time for rebirth and realignment for the earth and its natural satellites. We had a new moon on 10 June; it was a quiet time for reflection. My life is active and full. It was necessary to contemplate where life leads next. I am working with a specialist on the official Aboriginal Creation Lore website. It is coming together as it always does in the Bootherum Dreamtime continuum of time-space. I’m not giving away the plot, but again it is a truthful account of historical events leading to the current global crises. Truth be told, this is the time and place for it. The Origine’ were ‘circa’ meaning off the church records or the records altogether. The colonisation of Australia and its bloodied heritage and consequence on the original people of the lands rising to the surface. There is an explanation. I dream for all peoples of the world, a fair chance at what true existence as one with the earth and humanity should be. I have only begun to tell the story. The new moon rising was dark; it is the theme of the ACL website, but like all good stories, there is a happy ending. New life, new start. It is about good people, no sinners or saints here, just decent, wholesome humans beings they call humanity. They are not a lost cause. Bob Marley sings as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. One Love.

– Designer Stars –

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