The birdlife has been active in late nights past week and tonight. Birds are not usually active at night. In our culture, birds are messengers in the spirit world. Nighttime activity indicates something of a spiritual nature lurking in the darkness. The birds always confirm what I can feel. The spiritual worlds I have been to or connected with went back a long, long time ago. The Dreamtime stories I read are in different timeframes. My memory goes back a long time; Granny [RS] goes back further. I have been in places previous nights. A Chinese boy in a blue jumpsuit escorted me to a den in Chinatown. It was the only way to get into that place. I had to go through a very dark alley; it seemed familiar. The Chinese boy stays very close by my side. Then suddenly, we appear in the bright lights of Chinatown. The Chinese boy led me into a den; the spirits in that place were of the dead. I see a person I once knew. She attacked me for no reason. I swung a punch, but someone came between us and blocked the woman. Spirits take her away. She never changed. ‘Sorting out’ business going on. It was confirmed tonight. It takes a couple of days to put it together and always a connection. All the Dreamtime spirits are making themselves known to me. It does my work easy. Artist Robert Ainslie [1911 – 1993] worked with Anthropologist Charles P Mountford during fieldwork in the 1960s. He saw the creature because I have also seen them in his books and the spirit world/dimension. The spirit in this blog graphic visits me tonight.

– Wuluwait the Boatman of the Dead –

Published by Lyn Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and direct Ancestral knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Sharing - the quintessence of all relationships between human groups and the natural world. Fully spiritualised cultural grounded mature Indigenous Spiritual healer. Planetary Healer

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