I want to share the night I found Dreamtime bird creatures in a foggy and gloomy dimension in the bush. I went back in time to the early 70s—the SAME STORY. The spirit creatures are in a place they did not choose to be. These spirit creatures were ancient. They were in bird form but tall in human size. I attempt to recreate the scene with graphics. It was nighttime and foggy, but I could see the spirit creatures silhouette. They saw me then looked the other way. I felt their doom. I could hear a voice say, ‘don’t go to sleep in here; you won’t get out.’ It was Granny.

It took time for my eyes to adjust to the dark and foggy atmosphere; I knew many spooky creatures were in the place. They were hidden in the dark. Gran and my concerns were on our family, who were trapped. I knew the Mowi, the devil, satan put these archaic creatures in the gloom. My focus was on the creatures form. They stood tall, maybe six feet or more, as they stood a distance away from Gran and myself. It was hard to gauge their height. I sensed shame coming from the Dreamtime beings when I walked past them, and the bird creatures looked up at me, then tucked their heads under their wings.

I was on a dirt road miles from town. I was trying to figure out what was going on. I walked on. I came to a small bridge. As I approached, two snakes head popped up on either side. I said to myself, faced my fears and continued to walk. AS I walked for about half an hour on the dirt road, my thoughts were instinctively aware I was in a “no man’s land”, always dark and fog, cold and damp. Gran (RS) keeps me focused. For most of the walk, I knew it was the same “scenario.” with my encounters with uncle Frogman and uncle Birdman, who was also held ‘ hostage and knew the Mowi behind the spiritual crime, I then began to descend the road starts to go downhill.

As I continued downhill, I suddenly felt I was descending into hell. Then I snapped. I become enraged and turn around, screaming in anger. The devil did it again to my family, the Mowi. I was outraged they were suffering. My screaming shook the Birds awake I could hear them all go off; they knew too. The sun was coming up; I had walked a distance to the highway turnoff; I was yelling at the top of my voice, making sure my words were clear; only “evil” could put the spirit creatures in this nightmare. I also made sure the Bird Spirits could hear who were now alert aware of who I was. I eventually made my way back to town. I attempt to recreate the place in graphics. Sharing my story for the first time is a big load off my chest.

The notorious “Other Side.” is a place of perpetual dark and fog.

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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