I have to hand it to Granny [RS] she a clever old girl. She creates my blog site. I never see it coming. Blogging has released internal pressure within the earthly body of the planet—all the valves here open and on vent. Take a long time to get to this place here and now in the present tense, past and future. The Dreaming continues. It is my dream I can take any way I want and all in time with time. Pressure down. The beginning of an end. Granny and I need to share information with the universe. This is a ‘get it all out in the open blog. The way of doing Origine’ business is to wait. The creative ancestors themselves teach me the ‘proper’ tribal protocols and procedures in matters of this nature being of spirit—the world of my domain earth. Tribal Law still stands. Reciprocation, reprisal and revenge were the only means used by the Origine’ to restore coherence and balance to the social group for any infraction of Dreamtime Law. People are smart but not being clever. Most are innocent sheep following sheep. The blind leading the blind is how I see it, and the majority of being low socio-economic underprivileged humans. Not fair! Patriarch governance, systems and procedures doom earth inhabitants to extinction. We are not meant to be living as we do in concrete jungle humanity are better than the reality created from the fantasy they currently exist in. It is about truth, an offence but not a sin—authentic genuine original and perfect. Mowi comes from the Anawain tribe [NSW] dialect for debil-debil and commonly known across the continent among the Origine’ as a trickster. I have relocated and reactivate the ancient religious ceremony place, which kept checks and balances on the Mowi. He wasn’t always here on the earth; the timeframes of his appearance in the physical world on records. I have chosen artist Ainsley Roberts [1911 – 1993] for the graphics. I stared up at his paintings as a child in the school library. I got it. The story unfolds as it naturally does, so in time. The internal mechanisms of the earthly body re-set and regenerate. Time being is just that.

– The Night-Dwelling Spirits by Ainsley Roberts [ 1911 – 1993] –

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