Sad Spirit For Native Species

The bushfires of 2019 – 2020 are known as the black summer—one of the saddest episode of my life. Australia became Dante Inferno. I don’t own a television or listen to the radio; I depend on social media for all current affairs. I could not switch off from my native species family; both flora and fauna were being incinerated and suffered the cruellest fate. The bushfires burned more than 46 million acres (172.000 square miles) – roughly the same area as Syria’s entire country. More than a billion animals perished, with several species facing the risk of total extinction. For example, in NSW, we lost more than a third of the Koala population. Loss of habitat impact species recovery. Smoke from the fires darkened the sky of New Zealand and continued to circle the globe for three months. At the time, I had a personal blog on Facebook called Bugal Wena – Caring and Sharing. I stopped posting graphics and stories of animals out of deep sadness. I started a fundraiser on Facebook to support volunteers on the frontline taking care of animals caught inside a furnace with no escape. Only one person donated, which made my sadness deeper. I am still grieving in spirit for the destruction caused by this unprecedented super fire. I have visited the dimension of the plant kingdom while in a sleeping state. Lush foliage held suspended in mist. One of my inherited totems is the Australian bush cherry – Lilli Pilli Tree. I connected to the spirit of the Grandfather and Grandmother Trees in my neighbourhood. Their size is unfathomable to us today. They stood for millennia and were mown down in a slaughter frenzy to seize red cedar to turn into furniture for the stately homes in England in the space of three decades. It is no different from a person losing their limbs. They can still feel an itch where no foot is present to scratch. The memory of the mighty trees of the Gondwanaland Archaic Forest still lingers on. I need to offload my pain tonight to make sense of something so senseless and preventable. Nobody wants to own up to the destruction human greed bring to the good earth. This being the lore of lores of lands and waters- NOT TO BE GREEDY from the All-Mother. The Origine’ have no words or concept in their languages for karma, only payback. Every indecent act in history towards the innocent of the earth is on record. I have to tell it like it is, and it is genuine authenticated truth; there is no other way to put it from where I stand. In the end, it is all about the good people who Care and Share and mean it.

Born to Live

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