Earth Wise

– Honour The Earth and All her Creatures –

A brand new day. The good-morning calls from the Bird family make it the best time of day. There is no more a sweeter sound. The signs appear to be in their prospective place as winter begins to set in here Down Under. A good time of year for the soul to seek warmth and comfort. I am a winter baby, so for me, I’m in my prime elements. The arrangements of stars point to the annual whale migrations North in tune with cosmic flow and ebb. I live near the sea. The whale family pass by my neighbourhood. Catching a glimpse of a whale in the ocean is magical; that moment never leaves your memory. The star patterns reflect onto associated djurebil [sacred site] during their annual transits, a timeless clockwork that nobody can change. It is written in the star’s and mirrored on the topography of the lands, a keepsake. Inspiration and creativity in perfect balance with the Universal inspiration of creation; the two go together—New Moon in two days, another masterstroke of time. I can see my dream unfold naturally as time and space move forward. It’s a good time for the new world to be born. The Bird family are calling.

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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