Dream Time

I have been in ‘streams of consciousness with no break or interruption for fifty years since age four. Bootherum Dreamtime continuum is a seamless beginning to beginning within the time-space continuum. Quantum physicists theories drool Dreamtime. I connected the two after watching a seven-minute video on Einstein’s theory of relativity on YouTube. Quantum sciences support what the Origine’ has always believed. Connectedness and relatedness exist in multi-levels of dimensional existence; I exist within these domains and know no different way of being. To move forward with my life and dreams, I had to go back through to the beginning and, just like the creative ancestors made order and sense out of chaos and put it all back into their respective place within the realms of spirit and dimensions, Dreamtime creatures. When putting Lore and order back in their original and most sacred positions, we encounter the entities of darkness who had tampered with this sacred space. No stoned was left unturned. Granny [RS], as my back up, would do the sweep and cover my tracks. I am a tracker from Dreamtime. I came back in time to put time back in place. I am the timekeeper of time itself. In sync with time, which made Einstein’s theory of relativity making good sense, time and space are the same. Origine’ have no word or concept in their extensive languages for time. I removed the abstraction of time then it comes naturally. Dreaming never ends; it is a continuum of time-space moving forward the past, present and future all present at once. Integrating two separate realities, physical and the spiritual, at the same time while juggling multi-dimensional simultaneously. Water off a duck back. What mystifies me how the white man figured out the Dreamtime continuum inside their minds then purport their findings as a theory when it is a fact of life to me and live their theories every waking moment [and in sleep] every day since I was in nappies. Does anyone know a physicist? The Milky Way Galaxy is my closing theme. I believe in the expansion of the mind. The Milky Way reflects this scene in the physical present tense. I have been to the centre of the Milky Way, but the story for another time; it is a beautiful celestial ornament suspended in space and can never change as the same with the Dreamtime continuum. No end, no beginning. Alpha and omega together at one time.

– Heavens Above –

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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