New Dream Story

I don’t plan out my blogs or blog graphics. I create. Stories are waiting to begin a new chapter: the Alcheringa, a physical place on Macleay Island, situated within Moreton Bay. The ancient River of my mother’s tribe called the Macleay. The Moreton Bay Fig Tree is the Sacred Tree of my mother’s people. The Rainbow Dreaming chapter one. My blog graphic is both photographic and generated graphics to highlight the connections between my father’s and mother’s heritage. The big campfire in the sky brings light into the world and awakens the spirit of life. Wollumbun – Cloud Catcher hidden behind the rainbow colours and leads down to mother country River of life. This ancient river system is a major river on the NSW north coast. It rises in the Northern Tablelands and flows south-east through a coastal floodplain to South West Rocks to meet the Pacific Ocean. The biological sea ran through all life on the planet and referred to in culture as ‘clever water.’ Water is the theme of my Dreaming story. It is from the.’ magic’ water of Nulla Nulla Creek. I come back to life at age four. It takes a lifetime to come back to a home base full of memories. It seems I never left home.

Maternal and Paternal links to Country and Bootherum Dreaming

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