Moon Shadows

Recovery mode. The last full moon brings in winter down under. In a significant lunar phase, I keep track of the moon to keep track of my life. If a full moon ‘sneaks’ in on me, I lose my bearings natural rhythm and flow the best option to maintain focus, and all falls in place natural. I didn’t plan on a blogging site another one of those natural.’Rythym and flow.’ The calendars and dates fall back in sink Sunday 01 October 2018. I remember that day I knew everything going to clockwork; it never misses a beat, always landing on its feet. I have yet to share the Spirit beings and Dreamtime creatures with the world who have crossed my life paths they cannot go by without notice. These beings were ‘stuck’ in awful places. Granny [RS] and I take many years to clean up the mess in ALL places; it was chaos. This blog site is therapeutic allows me to ‘get it out in the open. We put it right again. In time the ‘story.’ will be told that I am certain of. The full moon marks this moment as a memory.

Captured Moments in Time and Space in Bootherum Dreaming

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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