The Fish People

There are many hidden creatures around the world. In ancient times when the Earth was new, these unseen beings mingled with humans. A change occurs in cultures which pushed these harmless creatures into hiding. I could not rest until I share with the world my family in the deepest oceans. I connected with the fish people two years ago after reactivating a significant Earthly location in South Eastern Australia in 2017. I located The PowerPoint in the ocean from a high vantage point in my mother’s ancestral lands. I could see through my visionary eye. In 2018 I was with a support person also a healer. We sat on the edge of the harbour close to the water. We had a positive reading, and then she gave me a hair trim; she was a hairdresser. After the hair cut, we gathered up my hair from the ground and placed it in a bowl with stones, sticks, sand and a native gumnut. We then waded into the water up to our knees; I had the bowl in my hands. The moment the seawater touch my hair, I felt a tremendous buzz through my body. I am certain the fish people felt it also. A very old and wise female fisherperson make contact. The fish-people can dive to the bottom of the ocean and travel and hunt with the dolphins. They also travel with the whales during migration. The state of oceans concerns me and their well-being, but I was assured tonight they are joyous to be connected to me and safe. The fish-people come from mother Earth and belong to her earthly body. Time has come for them to come out of hiding.

The Fish-People Live as One with the Ocean

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