Winter Solstice Down Under

It was the first-quarter moon at the time of my birth. Full moon winter solstice six days later. Ti-tree flowers herald the arrival of the whale migrations to birthing sites. To realign with cyclic melody and set our souls free, we flock like birds to the natural terra-henge of Australias East Coast – Wallamban. Here Solstice is a time for honouring the source of ancient lore. Wallamban – Caterpillar Dreaming of the Yookum Yookum. Twelve days before winter, Solstice is the Helical Rise of Pleaides 7 Sisters – Feminine. We are followed by the Helical Rise of Sirius – for the Masculine. A Sacred marriage made in Heaven occurs at the centre of the Galaxy. The Matristic Starlore Pentagram alignment guarded by two celestial dogs. The Ancestral Origine’ Starlore of Australia acknowledges two souls – male and female. And from this comes the Totemic system of connection to this Planet. To the Origine’ it is known as Skinlore, and it comes from the Stars. It is in the heavens above us to inspire and remind us we are all connected. Metaphoric lores of Transformation. Caterpillar to Butterfly. Life birth, death, and return to the source – repeatedly—the song of each and passing year written across the vaults of Heaven.

– Helical Rise of Pleiades & Sirius

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