Kookaburra New Dawn

I inherited the

I inherited the Kookaburra totem from my maternal Grandmother. I was given the Kookaburra Dreaming story as a child. Early in Dreamtime, the world was in darkness. The people were asleep. The three elders who lived in the sky decided to make a big fire for daylight, for the people to wake from their slumber. They begin their work. Soon the World was filled with light. The people woke up from hibernation and were happy to see Daylight. The big fire in the sky burn all day long. Then the fire in the sky begin to die down leaving only the smouldering coals, which created the first sunset. The three elders knew the people need light for daytime. They needed to be woken from sleep to begin the big fire. One day the elders hear the loud laughter of the Kookaburra coming from the bushland. It was decided the Kookaburra raucas laughter would wake them to begin the big fire for the people to have light. The Kookaburra agreed to laugh at dawn for the elders as the sign it was the beginning of a new day. I am the original Kookaburra chosen by the three elders. While I was in a sleeping state, I went into the dimension of the three elders. I knew immediately where I was. I seen my three Uncles, standing huddled together. They looked blue in colour. I walked past my three Uncles into a cave which was pitch dark. I heard Bob Marley singing. I walked out of the cave and past my Uncles. They were now sitting down around a campfire, their colour had come back. My question. At what point in time did the fire go out?

Inherited Dreaming Story
– The Fire in the Sky –

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