The Beginning Story

Full Moon April 27 2021. The full moon in air sign Libra offers us a beautiful chance to heal our hearts and empower our partnerships [Earth]. This lunar vibe illuminates complexities that exist within our closest relationships- past and present, for better or for worse. This energy is both romantic and emotional, so while heartacheContinue reading “The Beginning Story”

The Fish People

There are many hidden creatures around the world. In ancient times when the Earth was new, these unseen beings mingled with humans. A change occurs in cultures which pushed these harmless creatures into hiding. I could not rest until I share with the world my family in the deepest oceans. I connected with the fishContinue reading “The Fish People”

Family of the Deep Sea

I have out of body encounters with the animals, just the same I do with the spirits/Dreamtime creatures. My experience is random and brief. I know instantly where I am, and I know it’s not of the world. I had a visit from Uncle Whale. It’s getting close to the annual and obligations whale migrationContinue reading “Family of the Deep Sea”

Transformation and Rebirth

Full moon in six days. Set goals for coming to Winter Solstice. Our biological rhythms tune in naturally to the annual cycles of mother earth. The vault across the Universe speaks eternally truth unchanging. The time for Re-birth is now. Matristic society had both a nurturing quality and quality harmonics in balance with the Universe.Continue reading “Transformation and Rebirth”

Kookaburra New Dawn

I inherited the I inherited the Kookaburra totem from my maternal Grandmother. I was given the Kookaburra Dreaming story as a child. Early in Dreamtime, the world was in darkness. The people were asleep. The three elders who lived in the sky decided to make a big fire for daylight, for the people to wakeContinue reading “Kookaburra New Dawn”